Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Surprising Doctor Visit - it actually went well

I had an appointment with my primary care physician today....well a PCP in the practice, not mine because she is 'on a leave of absence' or as I predicted no longer works there. It is for the best really since I never really liked her.

Anyway, my stand-in PCP was nice. I went into the appointment very well prepared with my research. Prepared to fight. Prepared to have to point to the highlighted portions of my research.  Surprise, surprise no fighting required.  I was honestly stunned by this.

They, the PCP and student doctor, seemed to be very receptive to my research about my TSH level and sustaining a pregnancy. I even expect her to actually read the studies and journal articles I passed along.

Long story short my TSH level in December 2007 was 1.78 as compared to the December 2011 level of 4.34.  I'm not sure how to interpret the change in values but it seems like a big change to me.  They did NOT comment about the rise in level but DID order bloodwork which was the main goal of my visit.

I was told that if my levels weren't 'normal' they would call me for a follow up appointment. I am ok with that. It gives the Dr. time to read my research and get a handle on her interpretation and next steps.

I am so happy. Happy that I didn't have to argue as expected.  Happy that my bloodwork is complete.  Happy that I am moving in the right direction.  I will be calling the office on Thursday or Friday to get the lab results. We will see where that brings us.

Rainbow:      It was such a welcome relief to have a doctors appointment go well for a change.  It was so unexpected that I even teared up and thanked them for actually listening to me.  It has been so long since anyone has actually listened to me.  It felt wonderful.

Rainshower:  Not a cloud in sight today.  I hope this weather pattern continues:)

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