Friday, July 11, 2014

CD1 - Frozen Embryo Cycle (from IVF #1)

Today is Cycle Day 1.  Tomorrow I go in for a bloodtest to make sure my levels are ok.  If all is well this will be our frozen embryo transfer cycle.  Tentative Transfer Date: July 29.

Things that could possibly derail our cycle:  air travel at the end of the month.  We are hopeful that our transfer will not be delayed by the laboratory 'grouping' schedule that I did not know about when booking flights.  Thanks RE office for mentioning our transfer might be delayed by "a day or two" the first time I mentioned travel.   Our flight leaves on the 31st so we are only ok with a one day delay.  Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed that we won't have to abandon the cycle on the 10 yard line.  Only time will tell.