December 2010  I turned 31 years old and began to think about it being time to try for a baby soon.

March 2011        I began using a basal body temperature thermometer to take my BBT to chart and
                            discover my peak ovulation days.  I started manually charting but switched to
                            fertility friend and have used it consistently since December 2011.  I am hooked.

June 2011           Surprise pregnancy.  I mistook implantation bleeding for my period.  
                            Miscarriage #1 at 5 weeks 2 days.

November 2011  BFP after first month trying again.
                            Miscarriage #2 at 5 weeks 2 days.

November 2011  Referred to Reproductive Endocrinologist #1 upon my request.
                            She ran a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Panel (RPL panel) and ordered an HSG.
                            RPL panel showed nothing abnormal (despite my TSH being at 4.34.  -This is high
                            but I didn't know that yet)

January 2012     32 years old.  BFN

February 2012   BFN

March 2012       HSG was performed.  Hysterosalpingogram showed clear tubes and normal uterus.
                            This procedure was very similar to a pap smear just in a different setting.  Pain free.
                            RE #1 said "Keep trying.  You are fine."  BFN

April 2012          break

May 2012           BFN

Jun-July 2012    June BFN.  Light period was followed by strange spotting.  Spotting turned into
                            mid cycle bleeding so I called the Doctor's office.
                            "Are you pregnant?" she asked.   I said "No."  "Well, let's get you in here for blood
                            work to see what's going on."  She called that afternoon and told me that I was
                            pregnant and miscarrying again without even knowing.   
                            Miscarriage #3 at 5 weeks 6 days including spotting after 5 months of trying.
August 2012        After our 3rd miscarriage RE #1 gave me the EXACT same speech as after our
                             2nd miscarriage and told us "You're fine.  Keep trying when you are ready."
                             No additional tests.  Zero concern.  I was mad.  And determined to find a new RE.
                             I also reached out to an online support group.  A member noted my high TSH 
                             when I posted my RPL Panel results (I was looking for a 'next step').  
                             I wrote about my thyroid in a post here.
                             I wrote about my terrible RE #1 appointment here.

September 2012  break.  Met with my PCP for a referral to an Endocrinologist.
                             Endocrinologist appointment.  Began Levothyroxine.

October 2012      Met RE #2.  Dr. prescribed break while we wait to get a sonohysterogram.
                             RE #2 is a breathe of fresh air.  Very straight to the point.
                             Exactly what I need right now.

November 2012  Sonohysterogram finds a 6mm x 6mm uterine polyp at the top of my uterus.  
                            While RE #2 wouldn't normally recommend removing it, due to my history he
                            wants to.

December 2012  33 years old.  Dr. prescribed break

January 2013     Hysteroscopic Polypectomy surgery in late January.

February 2013   surgery-postsurgery cycle

March 2013        Clomid Cycle #1.  Unexpected spotting throughout entire cycle after taking
                            provera to induce my cycle.  Cycle was a bust.  We should have waited another
                            cycle after surgery rather than rushing to TTC.

March 2013        break

April 2013          Clomid Cycle #2.  BFN.

May 2013           Clomid Cycle #3.  BFN.

June 2013           break for sanity.  Clomid rage is real.  It was awful.

July 2013            Baseline ultrasound showed two cysts.  Natural cycle.  BFN.

August 2013       Natural Cycle with IUI (small cyst).  I didn't want to be on clomid again due to
                            the awful side effects.  BFN.

August 2013       Hydrosalpinx scare over Labor Day weekend.  By the time Monday came
                            around I was convinced I would lose both of my tubes.  I was a nervous wreck.
                            "It was an artifact on the ultrasound but we will keep an eye on the area"
                            Doubts began creeping in about RE #2 ability to help me (and obsession with
                            keeping me on clomid).  At the end of the day, while I really like him I felt that he
                            just didn't know what to do with me and my set of circumstances.  I stuck it out
                            with him for another month while prepping to switch to another RE but wrote about
                            the "break up" here

September 2013 Natural Cycle with IUI.  I didn't want to be on clomid again due to the
                            awful side effects despite my doctor wanting me to.  BFN.

October 2013     Natural cycle while awaiting appointment with RE #3.  BFN.
                            Met RE #3.  Wants to use injectables with IUI.

November 2013  Follistim Cycle #1 with IUI.  BFN.
                            Follistim is a dream compared to Clomid.  Clomid is evil.

December 2013  34 years old.  Cysts from Follistim.  Natural Cycle due to cysts.  BFN.

January 2014     Natural Cycle due to travel plans.  BFN.

February 2014   Follistim Cycle #2 with IUI.  BFN. 

March 2014       Anovulatory Cycle.  First ever since tracking BBT.  Is this from the cysts/follistim?

Apr-May 2014    IVF #1.  Luteal Lupron protocol.    
                             18 follicles.  17 eggs.  12 mature eggs.  9 fertilized with ICSI.  Transferred two
                             8-cell embryos, with slight fragmentation, on Day 3. Froze two 5-day embryos.
                             BFN.  Devastated.  This was supposed to work.

June 2014           Post IVF cycle (late ovulation on CD 22).
                            WTF appointment with RE #3.  Egg quality issues are blamed.  RE #3 expected
                            more embryos to make it to freeze when compared to other people's results.

July 2014             FET #1.  Transferred two grade 6, day 5 blasts.  BFN. 

August 2014        Natural cycle.  BFN.  
                             WTF appointment with RE #3.  Egg quality issues are still blamed.  RE #3 wants
                             to change the next IVF protocol for better eggs.

September 2014  Natural cycle.  BFN.  Hysteroscopy performed.  Unremarkable.
October 2014      Endometrial Biopsy - "normal"
                             Thoughts about reproductive immunology start to pop up.

November 2014  Wheels are in motion for reproductive immunology (RI) testing.

December 2014   35 years old.  Bloodwork for RI testing completed.
                             Endometrial Biopsy completed.

January 2015     Consultation with Reproductive Immunologist (RI).  
                            See this post for all of the details.

February 2015   Putting our ducks in a row to try again while adding RI protocol to my 1st IVF

March 2015        More ducks in a row.

April 2015           IVIG infusion

May 2015            IVF #2.  Luteal Lupron protocol.    
                             17 follicles.  9 eggs (very disappointed).  7 mature eggs.  5 fertilized with ICSI.
                             Transferred two 6-cell embryos, with slight fragmentation, on Day 3.
                             Nothing to freeze.
                             BFN.  Bummed out but not entirely unexpected.  Those empty follicles really
                             sucked the hope out of this cycle.  Very disappointed about those dreaded empty

June 2015            What's next? - Discussions and decisions. 
                             Conversation with the husband.  Options include:
                                    * another round of IVF with immune protocol
                                    * adoption
                                    * surrogacy/gestational carrier
                                    * giving up
                             WTF appointment with the RE.
                             Inquiry with the RI (seeking clarity on lab results = how severe are our issues?)

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