Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wow, this is taking awhile (previously written)

I thought I’d have a ‘sticky bean’ by now.  I haven’t been trying again that long really (6 cycles) but the first pregnancies were, if you can believe it, on the first try.  Crazy, right?  Dumb luck, really.  I guess this is another lesson for me.  Another way to be sympathetic to a different set of people trying to conceive (other than people with multiple miscarriage)... the people that have never seen a positive pregnancy test.  The first time I saw a positive pregnancy test I was in disbelief.  Then I quickly became excited and almost as quickly became terrified.  I’m looking forward to feeling that roller coaster of emotions again.  Soon, I hope.

Rainshower:      Waiting is no fun.  Living your life in two week intervals stinks.   
Rainbow:          I have even more appreciation for women that have infertility.  Especially those that have been longing for a baby for so long.

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