Saturday, July 28, 2012

Without the Rain There Would Be No Rainbow

My new motto!!!!!   I have lots of mottos really but this will be THE one of the year.  It is on the cover of my 2012 calendar.  It is on the cover of my ‘trying to conceive” binder.  Yes, you read that right, I have one.  I am in love with a particular image that symbolizes this motto.  It is by Matheus Lopes.  It is beautiful and inspirational.  2012 is my year – damn it!

Members on various forums refer to their babies born after miscarriage as ‘rainbow babies’.  Boy do I understand why now.  I want my rainbow baby too.

Rainshower:      If 2012 is not ‘the’ year than this motto will not be my go-to motto in 2013
Rainbow:          My rainbow baby will be here, one way or another. One year or another.

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