Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hoping For Something To Be Wrong

Hoping for something to be wrong is quite an unusual feeling.  It is something that perhaps only someone battling infertility might share similar feelings.

What's wrong?  It is something I have been trying to figure out for 3.5 years.  First I thought it was my thyroid, then I thought it was my eggs, then I thought it may by my husband's sample.  Now it's immunology.

Why immunology?  Well, even IVF didn't work and now I cannot even get pregnant.  It's a strange, strange destination to find ourselves in.  3.5 years ago we thought that we just needed to get one to stick and now I'm even wondering if it's possible for one to actually stick.  They call that implantation failure.  Immunology factors can contribute to implantation failure.

I WON'T sit here and pretend that I don't think that this IS the problem just as I have done with the subclinical hypothyroid diagnosis.  I WILL sit here and admit that while I do understand Reproductive Immunology I do not have the level of understanding to describe it in this blog post.  It is a complicated affair.  I bought a book and read the introduction and first few chapters but have determined that I will not be reading anything further until/if it is necessary.  This may help provide me with clarity as I potentially move forward in a whole new world of requirements, restrictions and medications.

A few things are certain.  I will sleep better knowing our results.  I will feel either vindicated in finding an answer or continue to seek out the root cause of our problems.  Regardless of the outcome, I will proceed into this next round of IVF with much more confidence than I had in October.

A weight has been lifted and I am grateful for the opportunity to seek out this additional testing even if it has been of great expense.  Peace of mind is priceless.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Immunology Testing Complete (awaiting results)

What a whirlwind this last 6 weeks have been.  I picked a Reproductive Immunologist (Alan E. Beer Center for Reproductive Immunology & Genetics).  I had an endometrial biopsy last week.  I've also had 22 tubes of blood taken and sent to the immunology lab along with my husbands blood.  I hosted a baby shower at my house.  I've started a new job. I hosted Thanksgiving Dinner.  I've finished my Christmas shopping.  I've watched my very pregnant new co-worker mosey around the office.  I've learned that my other coworkers wife is also pregnant.  

Now I wait. 

I wait 3 weeks or so until the tests are in and the doctor reviews them. I will have a phone consultation to talk about any findings/recommendations and we will go from there.

Now I wait.  I am not good at this part.

Have I ever mentioned my husbands refuctance to all things medical and especially needles?  It has made the last 3.5 years challenging.  However, I must say that he handled his bloodwork like a champ this time around.  I am quite proud.  He was adorned with a nice bracelet while at the lab.  Neon orange is not his color but it did the job and he avoided any falling injuries.

Rainbow:       The tests are behind us.  What a relief!
Rainshower:   We have to wait.