Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reproductive Endocrinologist appointment tomorrow

I'm getting anxious about my appointment tomorrow. It is for my follow up appointment after my third miscarriage.

On one hand I'm looking forward to it on the other I'm dreading it.

I'm hopeful that the RE will have some additional testing in mind prior to my inquiry BUT I'm preparing myself for another 'canned' response that does not soothe my soul.

At least now, after a third loss, she cannot tell me that there is not something going on.... The odds of having three recurrent miscarriages being 'just really bad luck' have to be minuscule.

I'm also hopeful that she will give me the appropriate time to ask questions and that she will not shut me down when I broach the subject of my thyroid level.

I understand that if she is not helpful I should be finding a new RE. While this would be a good idea regardless of the outcome tomorrow I hesitate.

I hesitate only because this whole process is unpleasant. I don't want to have to rehash my history and dwell in the negative at a new doctors office. I don't want to waste time waiting to get in to see a new doctor either.

I'd rather waste time waiting to see an endocrinologist right away, not after a NEW RE refers me.

I suppose I will push to have my current RE refer me to an endocrinologist and then search for a new RE to continue working with.

I guess that's my plan if tomorrow doesn't go well.

I hope I'm pleasantly surprised tomorrow though.

Rainbow: I feel like I'm finally heading in the right direction

Rain shower: It's unfortunate that the right direction I'm heading in had to be after 14 months and three lost pregnancies.

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