Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poised for a baby boom (according to CNN money)

Gee, thanks CNNMoney for this headlining article. Now I can't even get the news without being reminded that I'm not pregnant. Way to rub it in.

It's bad enough there are pregnant people everywhere I turn and celebrity gossip columns obsessed with 'bump watch' these days. Even my Barista is pregnant for goodness sake.

Now I hear we are poised for a 'baby boom' because of pent up demand following this dreadful recession. Great. More pregnant people to encounter. Wonderful.

Ugh. And I thought my week was going ok.

Rainshower             Reminders are everywhere, even in the places you go to distract yourself from your problems

Rainbow                  Hopeful I'll be part of this baby boom they are forecasting. It would be nice to be associated with a positive statistic for a change.

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