Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm obsessing today

Obsessing about hypothyroidism, it's effects on a fetus, it's long term effects on me.

I'm obsessing about getting the appropriate testing through my primary care doctor. I'm obsessing about what to do with those results.

I'm obsessing about finding a new PCP, OBGYN & RE. I want to wipe the board clean with all of them and get a fresh start with all new people. People that I grow to trust. People who will listen to me. I just need to FIND those people...a daunting process that is difficult.

I fear than my appointment, at which I will be requesting bloodwork, will not go well. I fear he will just send me off with a referral slip to see an endocrinologist. There is nothing wrong with that other than the appt will have been just ANOTHER waste of time, like my last RE appt.

Getting into a thyroid doctor will certainly require a waiting period. Then there is the waiting on medication to go into effect.

This waiting SUCKS. I just want to be pregnant:( I would welcome the obsession/anxiety that pregnancy brings over the obsession over the unknown that I am currently enduring.

Geesh, the feelings I have waiting for this next appointment are on par to the feelings I have during 'the two week wait'

Rainbow: I'm heading in the right direction. I just need patience.

Rainshower: Patience is easier said than done.

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