Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Word of the Day: Blastocyst

I'm 7 DPO.  I could have a blastocyst in my uterus right now;)  What's a blastocyst?  Well, first comes the zygote - what forms immediately after the egg & sperm fuse.  Cells divides, divide more, and then becomes a morula.  Once it reaches the uterus it is called a blastocyst.  Here are a couple of nice timelines that I refer to during my two week wait:

timeline from ovulation to implantation
timeline from ovulation to implantation

It makes me feel better about symptoms, lack of symptoms, progesterone symptoms, BBT chart analysis, general obsession, etc.

Up next: Trophoblast & Chorion.  The chorion is what secretes HCG.  Who knows when it is referred to an embryo?!

So I am 7 DPO and eating like a pig.  Thank you progesterone supplementation. :(

I still haven't tested out my HCG trigger - I am hoping to make it to 12 DPO before I test.  Five more long days.

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