Friday, May 3, 2013

Who cares if my chart is triphasic? -Not me!

Hormones have taken over.

I am not feeling as great as I was at 9 DPO. I am moody and tired. I am on the fence about the possibility of being pregnant. One minute I think I am, the next I think not.

My chart is still triphasic but I'm not reading too much into it. Fertility Friend even told me that my progesterone supplementation could be causing the higher temps. I tend to agree today.

I will probably test tomorrow or Sunday. I'd like to wait until Sunday but I can't say what I'll want to do when tomorrow morning comes. I'll probably cave and test.

My blood draw is Monday. So it will then be official, either way.

Rainshower: My mood has soured.
Rainbow: I am proud of myself. I have handled this two week very well.

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