Saturday, May 4, 2013

My POAS withdrawal is over

I peed on a stick this morning. BFN. Boo.

As soon as the BFN was evident I immediately regretted the decision to test. I was in a funk for the next few hours.

I searched Fertility Friend to no end looking for other people's promising charts. You know the search "negative HPT before positive HPT." Ugh.

The shred of hope I am still clinging to is that I just don't have enough HCG in my system yet. Heck, I never even saw a positive pregnancy test with my third pregnancy/miscarriage. The blood test from the doctor confirmed it after I called about my prolonged, abnormal bleeding.

So, I'm not out yet but I am not too hopeful at this point. I am 12 DPO after all.

Rainbow: It's not over until its over.
Rainshower: I'm not too hopeful that we were lucky this month.

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