Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pineapple Core, Brazil Nuts & Red Raspberries

Pineapple core to aid implantation.
Brazil nuts to aid implantation.
Red raspberries to increase blood flow to the uterus.

I'm all in.  Why not?

I also used mucinex and softcups this month too.  I am throwing everything at it.  What do I have to lose?  This may be our last shot on clomid since I do not want to take it anymore.  The doctor will have a hard time trying to convince me to give it another try.

This begs the question - what's next?  I don't know. 

It is a great question for the doctor.  Would we try Femara or just go natural with progesterone supplementation?   Acupuncture or another method for improving egg quality?  IUI?

I'd love for these questions to be moot but right now it is what is on my mind while I wait to see if we caught the egg.

Rainbow:  I am doing something that makes me feel good about our chances, like I am doing something.
Rainshower:  My husband thinks I am nutty for eating pineapple core but something tells me he would rather me be pineapple core nutty than see me with clomid rage like I have had this cycle.  Just a hunch ;)

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