Friday, March 29, 2013

The Game Plan for Clomid Cycle #2

So I ovulated yesterday. I'm pretty sure I did, I should say.

Now I am awaiting my next cycle.

The next cycle will be the Second Clomid Cycle. Interestingly, my RE is upping my Clomid dose to 100mg. I will go in for a baseline ultrasound on CD3 and will start Clomid that night.

I was a little surprised that he is upping my dosage but he had a look at everything that happened in my first, and utterly wonky, Clomid cycle so I know he has a grasp at the big picture of those findings. I trust him though, so if he says up it we then will go ahead and follow his recommendation.

We sat out this cycle. Mainly because I want to do as our RE stated at our first appointment with him. "Set us up for success," he said. Bring on the success :)

I'm expecting my next cycle to begin on April 11. We will see if I'm right.

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