Monday, March 11, 2013

I ovulated on CD10?!?! Are you kidding me?

Holy Moly! 

I went in for my CD10 ultrasound to check the size and count the number of follicles and came out thinking that I wasn't responding well to the 50 mg of clomid I took on CD4-8.  The ultrasound tech told me that I had 2 cysts (of untold size) on my left ovary, and 10 follicles (between both ovaries) all under 10 mm so I was scheduled to come in again on CD 13 to be checked again.  I left the appointment a little disheartened because from what I have read about other peoples experiences they at least had follicles that were larger than 10 mm.  I thought "oh, no.  Now I'm going to be ovulating while out of state and won't be able to be monitored as closely as I had wanted."  This is my first round of clomid after all, and I wanted to be sure that I don't get hyper stimulated and produce too many eggs.

I went home, did some goggling of course, and really started to get down about this cycle.  I know, I know, it was too soon for that but I just did not expect to get those ultrasound results.  Remember, I DO ovulate on my own regularly.  The clomid was just for an extra shot at conceiving quickly and more so with stronger eggs.

Well, fast forward a couple of hours and I get a call from the nurse.  She says, "the doctor on-call has looked at your chart and she thinks that you just ovulated.  Have sex today!"  WHAT?!

I'm so confused. 

She told me that those cysts weren't bad.  They were actually the good kind of cysts.  Like the kind that are just about to ovulate.   I was dumbfounded.  Apparently I responded WELL to the clomid.  Too well?  In one way I think 'too well' because I'm not sure how many dominant follicles I had and how many eggs had the potential to pop.  More worry about hyperstimulation.  Also, worry about potentially having only one egg to work with.  I realize that is a contradiction.  I guess the bigger issue is all of the unknowns that go along with ovulating before being monitored. 

Something I left out when initially speaking about my ultrasound was that the ultrasound tech was puzzled when she was measuring the cysts on my left ovary.  She did a double take and remeasured one of the cysts because it shrank in front of her eyes.  She showed me a side-by-side comparison with the photos she took as she measured.  It was amazing to see the difference.  At the time I thought "Good.  Go away cyst" but after hearing from the nurse later in the afternoon and telling my husband the whole story he looked at me and said "the ultrasound tech watched you ovulate!" 

Holy Moly!  I just have to believe that was what happened.  It makes sense.  It was there at the beginning of the ultrasound and gone by the end.  I watched myself ovulate on the ultrasound screen.  What are the odds of THAT?!

So, I guess I am 1 DPO already.  Wow!  Thank goodness I opted for a CD10 ultrasound instead of the CD11 one.  We caught it in the nick of time.

Rainshower: I have more questions than answers right now.
Rainbow:      I'm already in my TWW!  Thankfully I have a busy week and a half ahead of me to keep my mind off of all-things-baby.

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