Friday, March 22, 2013

Hindsight is 20/20

I touched on this topic in my post a few days ago about how our first Clomid cycle was a bust before it was even over.

On the bright side I didn't really have much of a two-week wait to agonize over because it was only 4 days after ovulation that I started my period. Surprising, right?

In hindsight I should have known better than to jumpstart my period with provera because I respond so poorly to hormones BUT when you want a baby it is hard to think rationally all the time.

You see, that month, that first cycle after my surgery, was our last shot at a '2013 baby'. Now we will be working on a '2014 baby'. What's the big deal?

It's the psychology of it all.

We have been at this since 2011. Our first baby would have been a '2012 baby'. Our second baby 2012, too. Our third baby would have been a '2013 baby'.

It didn't help that it took 6 LONG months to conceive our third baby.

It also didn't help having to sit sidelined for 8 months while trying to be diagnosed with a subclinical hypothyroid disorder and the discovery of a uterine polyp (& surgery) after our third loss.

You can't blame a girl for being anxious to get started again, can you?

We are moving ahead though.

After my mandated pregnancy test on Monday I will have a better idea of what our next steps are. My RE is making me take a pregnancy test even though the odds of sustaining a pregnant through my period have to be minuscule. Rules are rules. FYI - I KNOW I'm not pregnant because I take my basal body temperature every morning.

I'm interested in hearing my RE's thoughts about why my cycle was wonky and if he will recommend a change in our approach considering I ovulated SO soon on the first round of Clomid. Only time will tell.

Rainshower: I'm waiting for another period. It seems I have had a period for an entire month.

Rainbow: I am determined that 2014 is the year of the baby:)

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