Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm discouraged already

Unfortunately the Provera had messed with my hormones as I suspected.

Let me backtrack: I was prescribed the Provera to induce my period after restraining it with Estradiol after my polyp removal surgery. I had a feeling all of these hormones were going to throw me out of balance even before i started the Clomid but I wanted to follow my Doctors orders.

Now, I'm 3DPO and I STILL have what I would call a light period. I've been bleeding and at least spotting since March 1 (13 days now).

I'm not so much worried about the spotting (because i know the cause-all the medication) as I am about whether my uterus is a warm and welcoming place right now. I'm leaning towards that NOT being the case.

I may discouraged right now but I am hopeful that the progesterone I start tonight will help to stop this spotting. Fingers crossed.

I'm hopeful that this spotting will cease just in time for my hopefully-fertilized-egg (fingers crossed) to enter the uterus because I know it takes 3-4 days just to move through my Fallopian tubes.

Oh the things I have learned in my many two-week-waits!

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