Monday, March 3, 2014

Another IUI. Moving onto IVF!

I never had a good feeling about this cycle.  I tried to be positive.  It wasn't like I was being negative either.  It was more of an indifference, I guess.

I have had this nagging feeling, since August, when I thought I was going to lose my tubes.  A nagging feeling that eventually we would be doing IVF.

Ever since August I have be preparing myself for this possibility.   I have looked ahead on the calendar and figured out the 'worst case scenario' about how long it would take me to get to IVF.  "Worst Case" meaning that first I would have to do three medicated IUI's before insurance will allow us to go ahead with IVF.  "Worst Case" meaning how much more of this I will have to endure before moving ahead with something more aggressive and with better odds of pregnancy and ultimately a take home baby.  "Worse Case" meaning how many cycles I would have to sit out due to cysts.

I see this as a great opportunity.  A way to have a crystal ball going into a potential pregnancy.  The crystal ball being PGS.  I want to do IVF with PGS, at minimum.  I want my blastocysts genetically tested before they are put back in me.  I want the assurance that our little embies are chromosomally normal.  That reassurance going into a possible pregnancy is something that I believe will be very reassuring to me in the beginning from seeing a BFP to seeing a heartbeat.

Seeing a heartbeat.   What a great thing that would be.  I'd love to get there.  I'd love to work on all of these pregnancy projects I have been cooking up for the last 3 years.

I'd love to be able to be proud of that crib in my basement rather than embarrassed by my confidence in purchasing it a year ago.  I'd love to see that crib set up in the future nursery.  I'd love to see "the ironing room" transformed in a "nursery".

While we may not be pregnant now, we are in a good place.  We are excited about moving ahead with IVF.  We have an appointment next week with my RE to discuss things.  I am sure she will say IVF.  What I am not sure of is the timeline, any needed pre-testing, the protocol and her recommendations for us and our situation (ICSI/PGS/Frozen vs. Fresh Transfer).

I am preparing my questions and am looking forward to this visit next week. 

Rainbow:       We are moving onto IVF
Rainshower:  IVF is invasive.  IVF is a last resort.  That is a scary thought - Last thought.  Eeek.  That's not how I am looking at it.  Everything is going to be just fine.  I have confidence.  I can feel it.  I have faith. 

It was a BFN but we knew going into it that it only meant that IVF is around the bend



  1. Hi Sunny, I wish you all the good luck in the world for your upcoming IVF. I recently went through IVF and ended up spending a year researching what I could do to improve egg quality (I have a degree in molecular biology so really couldn't help myself!). I just finished writing a book about what I found and would be happy to send you a free advance copy in return for your honest feedback : ) If you're interested please let me know at redwoodr36 [at] gmail dot com

  2. Good Luck Sunny. I am a recurrent miscarriage sufferer too, and we are headed down the path of IVF PGD. It is exciting and scary and I hope this summer brings your the news you have deserved for years!

  3. Thank you Joanna. Good luck to you as well. I am tired of this roller coaster... I'd like to try a new ride :) I am sure that you can relate.