Friday, March 28, 2014

We are still a year away…

We are still a year away from holding a baby in our arms.  It seems like I talk about this ALL the TIME.

I certainly think about this all of the time.  I occasionally look ahead to check due dates.  I ALWAYS look ahead to due dates when stuck in an off cycle.  During those 'off' cycle we are almost a year away from holding a baby in our arms. 

What’s the problem this time?

Unsurprisingly it is cysts, yet surprisingly, it is anovulation.  Yup.  Lucky me, I am experiencing my first anovulatory cycle since I began keeping track of ovulation back in December 2011.

It figures that the cycle before we are to embark on IVF would be the cycle I would go all anovulatory.  Why not?  Nothing EVER goes as planned.  Lucky, lucky me.

On the plus side:  This is a lesson.  A lesson in patience.  I needed a reset.  A snap back to reality. 

This whole IVF thing is bound to be full of this sort of thing…. Surprises and setbacks.

Rainshower:      Another delay.  Another year.
Rainbow:           I’m still in the game.  I am not defeated.  I am only delayed.  I just have more time to appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to go ahead with IVF whenever it is meant to be.

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