Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Spring Surge

A Spring Surge of Babies.

My Facebook feed has blown up with fresh, new babies in the last couple of weeks.  Fresh. New. Beautiful. Babies.  

To make matters worse my entire feed is filled with nothing but baby photos.  Everyone has kids.  Everyone does nothing but talk about their kids.  Another reminder that I am behind the curve here... Not that the curve matters to me.  I have never been one to do things as society would expect-hence my boyfriend of 10 years (before he became my husband).  I just have the desire to be posting the same cute photos in the news feed as the rest of them.  Instead I post cat photos.  I can honestly see myself becoming 'the cat lady.'  My 18 year old self would be shaking her head at me.  

I wear pink.  I wear floral.  My clothes are main stream & trendy.  I want to be a stay-at-home mom.  I want to spend my days documenting my future baby's milestones in the most creative ways.  <--  That is my biggest goal these days.

My 18 year old self would slap me silly.

Since when is spring baby season?  What torture am I in store for come summer?  Oh vey.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not jealous of these people with fresh, new babies.   I am happy for them.  I just want one too.  When will it be our turn?  When will we get our shot?  When will it be my turn to add baby photos to the news feed?  

Will April showers bring May flowers?  I can only hope.

Rainbow:        I am lucky.  It's not over yet for me.
Rainshower:   Seeing all of these newborns takes an emotional toll.

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