Monday, March 17, 2014

Decisions, backtracking on Decisions

So now I am thinking that we will be skipping PGD/PGS.

Why the about face?  We met with the Doctor.  She brought up some interesting things that were worth thinking about.

First and foremost she was quick to point out that IVF will not help with our miscarriage risk.  This helped me get out of the clouds and stop me from thinking about rainbows and unicorns as I had been going into the appointment.  

It was a reality check that I needed so I am not mad at her about bursting my glitter bubble.

Even PGD may not help the miscarriage risk.  Why?  Well, every embryo-in-the-making has both good and bad cells.  The bad cells just do not continue to divide like the good ones do (please excuse my less than scientific explanation).  At the beginning, when cells begin to divide it is easier to grab a bad cell for the biopsy simply because there are so few in the grand scheme of things. 

So a good embryo may be mistakenly deemed 'bad' and vice versa.

Are you following me?

This still seems like a similar rolling-of-the-dice than just the traditional grading of a 5 day blast has.  So why not give the first round a try without PGD?  Let's save $5,000.  While our IVF procedure and medications are covered by insurance we will still have to pay for embryo freezing out of pocket.  I haven't done all that math yet but that figure is probably $2,000.  Small potatoes when looking at the big picture but still something to consider.

There is something I know I want to be clear about with the Doctor going forward:  We will not be allowing a 3-day transfer.  I want the embryologist to have more time to determine which blasts are doing well and which aren't.  Having more time to watch them certainly allows for that decision making process.

I have scheduled another appointment to ask questions and gather additional information before we proceed but it is looking like we will be starting the process in April and will be doing an egg retrieval in May.

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