Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Endocrinologist Appointment went well

She was nice. She was sympathetic. She let me talk. She listened. She did an ultrasound. She said I was 'rational'.

She doesn't believe that my thyroid is a factor in my pregnancy losses. She wouldn't treat my with meds if I were not trying to have a baby. She is treating me with a low dose medication because it can't hurt. She doesn't believe that the meds will help with my thyroid symptoms (fatigue, joint pain, thirst). She knows that treating me will make me feel better so she is obliging.

She recommended a new OB and RE. She made sure I scheduled a 'new patient' appt with the OB before leaving.

She doesn't feel the need to wait until trying to conceive again.

She will check my TSH levels again in 8 weeks.

She put my mind at ease.

It was glorious. I feel great even knowing that she is simply pacifying me because she knows that half the battle is having a good support system and supportive health providers.

What a welcome change.

Do I believe that my TSH levels are not the problem? I don't know but I feel better knowing that the level will go down and that they will continue to be monitored. Success.

Today was a good day.

Rainshower: none here today.
Rainbow: I feel so much better knowing that I will start meds soon.

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