Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wait. Is that a line?

Wait.  What?  Is that a line?  I think that's a line...

This Sunday morning started like most days when my period is approaching.  I get up at 6am, use the bathroom, dip a pee stick and go right back to bed without waiting for the results.  It's Sunday, after all, I want to sleep in.  Why bother waiting for the test result?  Sleep is much more desirable on these precious weekends.  Fast forward 2 hours.  I rise again at 8:30am to actually get up and start my lazy morning.

I start my morning routine.  Feed the cats, take my thyroid med, run the sprinklers, start the dishwasher, open the shades and finally sit with the cats & watch a crappy TV while I plan out my day.  While watching crappy TV, I realized that I had a splinter/sliver from this weekends' project - Operation Garage Clean Up.  I peel the sleeping cat off my lap to tend to my sliver in the bathroom when it occurred to me that I never check that pregnancy test. 

I picked up the 5 hour old pregnancy test with the normal rhythm I've acquired over the last 3 years of seeing those dreadful but expected negative pregnancy tests.  You know - pick it up, quickly glance, then put it straight in the garbage and quickly move on.

This morning was different.  This morning I glanced at the test a saw a faint line.  I did a double take.  "Wait.  What?  Is that a line?  I think that's a line..."  I immediately began shaking.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Then I realized that this test was 5 hours old.  It could definitely be a false positive.  "Don't get excited yet, Sunny," I tell myself.

Of course, I peed again and tested again with another internet cheapie at 11:00am.  Is this second morning urine?  I can't remember.  Let's just focus on the sliver.  5 minutes later... Faint positive!  Oh my god.  Seriously?  I'm pregnant?  No way!  Out comes the expired First Response pregnancy test that has been waiting for this very occassion.  Another faint positive.  Holy cow! 

What do I do now?!  What DPO am I again?  I'm nervous-excited.  I freak out a little.  My mind begins racing.  Yes, we tried.  Yes, we timed it perfectly.  Yes, my CM has been a little more plentiful after ovulation but I quickly explained that away.  BUT...  I feel off the Lovenox train.  Since I actually ovulated this month and we caught the egg just in time I decided to throw everything at this cycle before starting another round of IVF.  All-in included Lovenox & baby aspirin.  The problem is I fell off the Lovenox train after 7 DPO and skipped a couple of baby aspirins in the TWW.  I took Lovenox nightly on 2-5 DPO & 7 DPO.  Today is 12 DPO.  The worry begins to set in.  The insecurities creep in. 

Get it together.  Let's think about next steps.  Don't get too excited. 

History has not been kind to me in these traditionally happy times.  Could this time be different?  What is different this time?  1. I've been taking additional supplements since mid June.  2. My failed IVF cycle could have acted as replacement for a uterine scratch... which is supposed to jump started the immune system in my uterus.  3.  I did do an IVIG infusion not too long ago - maybe it helped.  4. I have been taking blood thinners, albeit inconsistently, that are supposed to help with implantation.

I am cautiously optimistic.  But... Today I am pregnant.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Today I am pregnant.


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