Monday, August 10, 2015

That's a darker line!

Well, since I have about 25 internet cheapies that expire this month I decided to test after work today.  I prepared myself for the line to be faint, possibly barely there.  You know, worse than this morning.  I was wrong. It was darker. I'm pleasantly surprised.

It's a small victory but I will take it.  

My beta isn't as high as the average of 85 on 13 DPO, like says, but at least my line is darker.  This website is about to become my best friend and worst enemy.

We are taking it day by day, test after test.  The picture will hopefully become clearer on Wednesday with my second beta.  In the meanwhile, here are today's tests (expired FRER & almost expired Internet cheapies).  Sorry it's upside down.  I blame my camera phone.

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