Monday, June 1, 2015

7dp3dt / 10 dpo

I'm 7 days past our 3 day transfer and I'm feeling a tad more hopeful than I have even in the last couple of days.

Why?  Because I've been having slight cervix cramps on and off over the last few days.  At first I thought I was overthinking it and imagining phantom cervical cramps but today I've had more of them, and more frequently, than before.  

This symptom is remarkable for me because I never have cramping and I mean NEVER.

Maybe this is implantation?  Maybe this is working?  Maybe this is just a result of my egg retrieval procedure over a week ago?  Who knows... I guess I will have to look back at my last IVF cycle to compare.  

Symptom spotting is in full swing over here.  

I've decided to begin testing tomorrow.  I will be 8dp3dt or 11dpo.  I'll be testing at home on 11dpo until beta which is on 17 dpo (Monday, June 8).  

My fingers are crossed now.  I am hopeful that our 6-cell embryos are still going strong.  Grow.  GROW.  GROW!

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