Friday, August 16, 2013

What the Heck?! I ovulated on CD 12!

Holy moly. I ovulated on Cycle Day 12.  This never happens to me.  Only twice in the 2 years I have been charting my BBT have I ovulated on Day 14 let alone Day 12.  I am a Cycle Day 16 or 17 kinda gal.  This is nuts.

Even nuttier: I had EWCM on CD 10. Day 10!  That peaked my interest so on CD11 I took an OPK.  What do you know? It was POSITIVE.  It was as positive as positive gets which is rare for me (my 'positives' are never as 'positive' as the manufacture say they should be).  What the heck?!

So on CD11 I called the doctor.

My CD 12 follicle scan turned into an IUI!

Nuttier still: I actually ovulated on CD 12 so my LH surge was longer than normal. I'm the kinda gal that ovulates on the SAME day as I get a positive OPK on 90% of my cycles.  OPKs aren't helpful in the 'prediction' category.  It's more of a hurry up and get husband test (HUGH).  Or a huge stress inducer.

So the IUI was well timed.  

The questions I had/have:
Did my small residual cyst contribute to my extra positive OPK this cycle?

Did the cyst contribute to this early ovulation even though it only slightly moved up my ovulation last cycle to CD 15??

Did I even ovulate or is this cyst giving me a false positive on my LH surge???

Did I even ovulate a MATURE egg or did I just spit out something immature when my cyst caused an LH surge????

What is going on here????

Today I am 3 DPO.  Only time will tell. I am feeling hopeful but that is normal for 3 DPO.  By the time 8 DPO comes around I begin the unravel.  Sigh.

Rainbow:  I had a well timed IUI with 36 Million swimmers.

Rainshower: I wasn't able to be monitored so I don't know anything about the egg size and lining thickness. 

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