Monday, August 19, 2013

It's JUST the Progesterone!

Repeat after me: It's just the progesterone!

So it's 6 DPO and I'm having symptoms. At 4 DPO I began to experience ongoing tender breasts.  At 5 DPO it was a tender breasts, headache, fatigue and irritability.  Today, at 6 DPO, it is a triphasic BBT chart, bloating, along with tender breasts (and maybe I'm a little queasy this afternoon?).

I have experienced all of these symptoms in both pregnancy and progesterone supplemented cycles.  What is a little unusual this month is the breast tenderness occurring so soon after ovulation.  Breast tenderness is very uncommon for me on a normal cycle and only common intermittently on progesterone supplemented cycles. On a normal progesterone supplemented cycle breast tenderness normally begins at 9 DPO, NOT 4 DPO.  

This cycle is a little different.

I repeat:  It's just the progesterone!
(I need to keep reminding myself of this)

Rainbow:      I have my sanity so far.
Rainshower: I'm reading into all of these symptoms but constantly need to remind myself that it could just be the hormones I am on.  At least I can tolerate these hormones better than birth control and Clomid.

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