Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's Next? IUI's

After three failed rounds of Clomid we are going to be doing an unmediated, monitored cycle with an IUI.  We will be using a HCG trigger shot to help time ovulation and an IUI as well as progesterone support after ovulation.

I feel pretty good about this plan.

We will try this in my next cycle, so sometime in July.  We are taking a break in this current cycle unless we have a change of heart during my fertile window.  Who knows? The idea is to not stress about it this month. My husband is busy and stressed with work and I work myself up as I approach ovulation.  We will see if we can actually be stress-free about it this month.  

Our plan without medication... I am both relieved and concerned about it all at the same time.  I DO like the idea of a medicated cycle in order to produce multiple eggs and multiple targets for the sperm.  I do NOT like the idea of a medicated cycle simply because of the emotional turmoil I frequently find myself in.  Those dreaded side effects really do hit me like a ton of bricks.

While this new IUI plan sounds great on paper, life does have a way of getting in the way of well-laid plans.  My husband is a busy guy.  Fingers crossed our IUI is 'convenient' for his schedule.... Look at me! I'm stressing about it already and it is  5 weeks away!  I just can't stop myself from worrying.

Rainbow:      We have a good plan in place.  
Rainshower: It stinks that I stiilcan't relax on our 'break'.  I'm just built to worry and overthink and doubt and self sabotage.  I sound like such a mess.

When I say "I'm okay,"
I want someone 
to look me in the eyes,
Hug me tight,
and say,
"I know
You are not"

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