Friday, June 21, 2013


I've done it.  I had my first acupuncture experience yesterday.  I am on my way to better 'chi'

They were quite concerned about my cold feet and had a strange fascination with the appearance of my tongue.

The acupuncture itself wasn't bad at all.  Although the needles on my feet did hurt going in and throbbed while I laid relaxing.  I was told that the lite throbbing was an indication of things working as they should.

Overall I enjoyed the experience.  I plan on going weekly until at least the end of July or early August which is after my IUI and through that TWW.

I am doing the acupuncture simply to help combat my anxiety pre-ovulation and in the TWW.  I don't think it will magically make a baby stick but think that it may help my nerves as we navigate into uncharted territory for us.

Rainshower:  This isn't a quick fix
Rainbow:   Acupuncture will help me relax and not obsess with all things TTC.


  1. It's good to hear that you enjoyed your first acupuncture session. The thought of needles makes people afraid of acupuncture, but if they will only give it a try, then they'll know the impact it has in relieving pain. Natural healing therapies such as this are sometimes better than modern medicine if you ask me.

  2. Think positive and everything else will follow. Having the right mindset is what's best combined with acupuncture. The needles are just a way to pave way for the release of toxins that accumulate in your body. Continue your sessions, and you'll experience more of its health benefits and soothing effects along the way.

    -Kelly Yearwood @