Sunday, June 2, 2013

14 DPO. The TWW is over.

Negative.  Just like I thought.

I tested yesterday and got the negative results.  I didn't bother to test again today.  I go in for my blood test tomorrow for the confirmation.  I don't intend to confirm the inevitable before the phone call from the Doctors Office tomorrow afternoon.  I wonder what the nurse will say when I tell her that we are taking a month off and that I refuse to do Clomid anymore?  I see a Doctor's Appointment in my near future (to talk about what our other options are).

Honestly, I am ok with the negative test.  I have never had a strong 'this is it' feeling this month and was never really confident about our timing and the absence of EWCM.  I am just happy that the two week wait is over and that I will be taking a break from the hormones the next cycle.  I am excited to relax a little, be myself (since I have been on hormones almost constantly since January) and enjoy the summer a little bit before starting to try again.

Yes, I have moments of longing and sadness but I know my positive test is right around the corner.  I just know it.  2013 will bring me a positive test and a sticky baby.

This is the point in my cycle where optimism it at it's highest and I LOVE it.  I wish I could fell a little less obsessed during the TWW but I don't think that will ever really happen.  I'm just that way.

Rainshower:   I wish I was pregnant, of course.
Rainbow:       I am still optimistic and looking forward to what this summer brings.


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