Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Cycle Day 5: Day 3 of Clomid

I'm not going to lie I'm terrified of the beast I will inevitably become.

I am nervous that the increase from 50mg to 100mg will push me over the edge and make me completely unbearable to be around.

My first Clomid cycle was no walk in the park. I didn't have hot flashes or cramping too badly, but boy did I have mood swings. THAT is what I am again scared of.

BUT so far so good. I am going through the motions.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for CD9 to see how my follicles are progressing. Fingers crossed that I don't ovulate so soon this time around. CD10 was no bueno.

Oh. I forgot. I had a baseline ultrasound in CD3. I have 10 antral follicles on the left and 7 antral follicles on the right.

That is all for now. Let the madness come forth in time.

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