Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Cycle Day 14: 2 DPO

So I ovulated. On Monday. It was CD 12. I'm guessing it was in the evening or a night. Not sure exactly why I feel that way though.

I ovulated TWO eggs. Two lucky eggs as the result of 100mg of Clomid and the HCG trigger shot.


Not only did I ovulate two eggs but I had one heck of an LH surge. I had VERY positive OPKs for three days. THREE days.

That never happens to me on my own. Normally, on an unmediated cycle, I will get a mostly positive OPK (but not obviously positive) once and that is the day I ovulate. By the way, I do test twice a day once the OPKs begin getting darker - so I know I'm not missing the peak of my surge.

This time I had such an obvious OPK that I was proud of those tests. I even showed it off to my husband, which I never do. I'm waiving around sticks I peed on - this is my life now:)

In a little googling I have come to learn that having such a strong LH surge can imply two eggs are going to ovulate.

I also speculate that maybe the lack of a strong LH surge on my own indicates that I have had eggs in the past that were strong enough to ovulate and actually get fertilized but too weak (under developed?) to implant themselves properly.

Fingers crossed that we caught one of these strong eggs and that it can find a cozy place in my uterus to settle in for the long haul.

Tonight I begin progesterone support.

I have a blood test on May 6 but I'll definitely begin testing sooner.

Oh, I'm also testing out my HCG trigger shot so I do not get a false positive test.

Today is a good day.

Rainshower: The dreaded two-week wait begins.
Rainbow: I'm thrilled that I have two eggs that ovulated with a greater potential to fertilize and implant

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