Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm scared of Clomid Rage

I'm not on Clomid yet. I just finished up estradiol and medroxyprogesterone and it was enough to make me fearful of Clomid and the rage that can come on as a result.

I don't react well to hormones. It was one of the reasons I never took oral birth control despite trying three times over the years with no success. My body and mind HATE it.

I am an irritable mess these days. I am easily agitated and I DO mean easily agitated.

My poor husband does get the brunt of it. In the beginning, about two weeks ago, we were able to laugh it off and joke about it. Now? Well, his ability to joke about it is almost gone and he is beginning to fray at the edges with my mini meltdowns.

Last night was rough. I logically knew that I shouldn't get upset about the minor annoyances but somehow I'm not able to control myself. As I was saying the absurd comments & airing my frustration, that had nothing to do with my husband mind you, I immediately followed them up with 'I'm sorry' and 'just don't respond to me even if I'm talking to you'.

I sincerely hope my new cycle begins soon. I'm not sure if I can tolerate myself for much longer.

Rainshower: I know it will only get worse from here if 'Clomid Rage' happens to be one of my side effects.

Rainbow: My husband is holding his own with my mini meltdowns. Bless his heart. I am hopeful that I'll be onto the next cycle soon and that these side effects can be better managed with the thought of a possible BFP at the end of it all. In the meanwhile, just stay away from me.

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