Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Pregnancy Announcements

The impending Hurricane Sandy has brought with her a rash of pregnancy announcements that are hard to handle.

While I am always happy for people announcing pregnancies, the announcements always cause me a twang of pain.  A facebook friend, a friend from High School is pregnant with baby #3.  I also suspect that my cousin is pregnant.  Yes - I define this as a 'rash' of pregnancy announcements.  I guess adding all of the celebrity baby announcements doesn't help either.

I suspect that I am a little bit more vulnerable about these announcements lately because my husband and I are getting ready to start to try to conceive again very soon.  I am getting anxious about it, I think.  

I am anxious it may take another 6 cycles to get pregnant.

I am anxious about having side effects from the Prometrium prescription.

I am anxious that if I do get pregnant I will have another miscarriage.

I am anxious my new reproductive endocrinologist will not be helpful.

I am anxious my thyroid levels will not be lower than before.

I am all around anxious.  Add a hurricane to the mix and it is a little overwhelming.

Rainshower:  I am anxious
Rainbow:      The hurricane isn't heading straight to us.  We will be impacted but are on the outskirts of the path.  Fingers crossed that I don't have to work tomorrow.  I could use another day to myself right now.


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