Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blahville, USA

Yup. I'm in Blahville. I've been there for a few days now.

I'd like to get out of Blahville but it beats being in Hellville, so I guess I'll take it.

I've been so incredibly busy in October that I think it all caught up to me. I'm exhausted and I think it's contributing to my visit to Blahville.

Another contributing factor? I am meeting a new Reproductive Endocrinologist tomorrow. I have all sorts of thoughts and emotions about all of that.

I'm nervous about how he will be with me. His demeanor, his approach, his medical beliefs. I'm nervous that our personalities won't mix. And in this baby battle I have learned that personality conflicts can be quite detrimental to the medicine. I'm also nervous that he will want to do tests that would require us to wait on trying to conceive again this cycle. I have my heart set on trying this cycle so that could be a real blow.

I'm looking to the horizon and planning my trip to Blissville.

Signing off from Blahville, USA-for now.

Rainbow: We are heading in the right direction. We are moving ahead. At least my mood isn't terrible.
Rainshower: Nervousness can be paralyzing.

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