Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Optimism is Gone

Well...  We had our egg retrieval and embryo transfer.  Technically we have a little bit of optimism left but not much.

The optimism was sucked out of the room when they told me that they retrieved only 9 eggs.  I say only 9 eggs and that the optimism was dashed because I had 16 follicles.  SO I REALLY EXPECTED TO GET AROUND 15 EGGS AND I WAS THRILLED ABOUT THAT.  But instead we had 7 EMPTY follicles and only 9.  Had I only had 10-12 follicles I would have been adequately prepared to get only 9 eggs... So that is why the optimism has left the building.

Then came hope.  We hoped that of the 9 eggs 6 would fertilize and qualify us for a 5 day transfer.  NOPE.  We had 5 fertilize with ICSI which meant that we were automatically assigned a 3 day transfer... You know since they want to have something left to transfer and not "poop out in the dish"

The new hope... Good quality 8-cell, 3 day embryos like we transferred last time.  NOPE.  On Day 3 we had three 6-cell embryos and two 4-cell embryos.  Not bad but not ideal.

So yesterday we transferred two 6-cell embryos with slight fragmentation.  I am not optimistic about our odds.  As far as I can tell our chances of one of them taking are about 30%.  Not great, but not terrible either.

The kinda-silver-lining is that we may have one that may make it to freeze (that other 6-cell embyro).  The less than ideal news with that is there is only one.  If we are going to invest in another cycle I would to transfer two.  Especially considering the $4,000 out of pocket IVIG infusion I have to do prior to each transfer.

Beta is June 8.  I won't be waiting until June 8 to test though.  I will try to make it to Wednesday, June 3 to test.  I doubt I will make it that long.  I will probably be able to make it to Monday, June 1.  I did test yesterday just to be sure that the HCG trigger shot is out of my system.  It is.

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