Friday, February 6, 2015

Nurses are Fantastic!

Nurses keep me informed.  Nurses keep me educated.  Nurses keep my spirits up.  Most importantly though, nurses keep me sane.

Admittedly, I was freaking out yesterday.  I was unsure of some test results that my doctor did not go over with me specifically but included in my patient letter.  There was extreme skepticism about the treatment plan actually working especially because I have no idea of the likelihood.  I was also worried about the financial aspect of IVIG. 

Thankfully many of the things I was freaking out about have been explained to me by a nurse who listened to my additional questions and put me at ease. She was able to give me the assurance that the Doctor did not give me last week at the end of our phone call.

Most importantly the nurse made me realize that I need to slow down.  Part of my anxiety has been tied to my desire to start a fresh IVF cycle next week.  I don't think I have enough things in order to proceed with that plan.  This is good and bad.  The timing of a Feb-Mar cycle would have been ideal with our work schedules however there are still many phone calls to make, most specifically about IVIG.

In addition to the financial aspects of IVIG the nurse reminded me that it takes 6 weeks for your TSH levels to go down after a medication increase.

So I am going to put aside my wish to start IVF sooner than later.  This will give me time for my thyroid medication to work and to make the 400 phone calls I need to make to try to get IVIG covered by my insurance and set up for infusion.  Before yesterday it was my hope that I would only need one IVIG infusion (if be willing to accept the full financial responsibility) but since speaking to the nurse I have a feeling I will be doing at least a few of them so it is worth my while t try to get them covered by my insurance company.

So I'm off to make more phone calls.

I'd also like to mention that I was able to join some closed/secret groups on Facebook that I think will provide great resources in the coming months.  Most importantly I was able to join the Reproductive Immunology Group, thanks to a nice new friend, but also a Lovenox Group and a MTHFR Group.

I need to remind myself that this is a marathon and not a sprint.  I just need to stop and breathe.  Having this new job has been so unbelievable when it comes to my stress level.  I am very fortunate in so, so many ways even if we are enthralled with infertility challenges and now three gene mutations and an immune disorder.

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