Thursday, May 22, 2014

IVF Whirlwind

Where do I begin?

Well my baseline ultrasound showed a small cyst, just as I suspected.

Fortunately, though, we were able to proceed with the IVF cycle based on the small size (1.5 cm) and my bloodwork.

I started stimming on CD2 and triggered on CD 12.

At my last monitoring ultrasound, on Sunday, May 18, I had 18 follicles of various sizes.

Egg retrieval was on Tuesday.  They retrieved 17 eggs which we were thrilled with.  The procedure went well and I had minimal discomfort afterwards.  It honestly couldn't have gone any better.

Yesterday, 1 day after the retrieval, we got our fertilization report... We had 12 mature follicles which we were very thankful for.  I was hoping for 10 so having 12 was great news.  The 12 mature eggs were fertilized using ICSI.  9 fertilized!  

We are ecstatic.

Tomorrow is day 3 after retrieval.  They will be calling me in the morning to tell us if we will be proceeding with a day 3 transfer in the afternoon or a day 5 transfer on Sunday, May 25.

Until tomorrow morning I have no idea how our 9 little ones are doing.  I am ok with that.  Somehow 'the planner' in me is not too upset that this uncertainty.  I am going with it.  I trust the process.

I am in a great place emotionally.  I am optimistic and hopeful.  I am far more positive this cycle than I have been in the longest time.  I guess you could say that I just have a feeling that this is all going to work out for us.

And what I mean by 'work out for us' is that even if we don't get pregnant this cycle we have the potential to have an embryo (or more) to freeze to try later.

In a perfect world this cycle will work out AND we will have our frozen future babies waiting for us.  But even if that doesn't happen I will consider this cycle a success.

I love the thought that our complete family could be growing in a Petri dish a few miles away.  I just love science.  It is amazing that all of this is even possible.  

Amazing.  Did I day that?  This is just amazing.

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