Wednesday, May 7, 2014

IVF Baseline Ultrasound & Bloodwork

Tomorrow is the day.  The day where it all could begin.  I am nervous.  

I don't have a good track record with baseline ultrasounds.  I seem to have been blindsided by cysts in these types of appointments enough that I am ALWAYS nervous going into them.

It's funny because these are the ultrasounds that worry me most.  Not the ones where we are monitoring growth.  


I am nervous about them this time around even though I have been off stimulation medication for months now.  Why?  I have been feeling twinges here and there on both sides.  THAT is really what makes me most nervous about tomorrow's results.  PLUS I had an anovulatory cycle last month which was a first for me and tells me that those cysts were probably on the large size in order to keep me from ovulating.

What if there are cysts?  How will that affect things?  I am already on Lupron.  What sort of delay could this possibility cause?

If there aren't cysts (which is the likely outcome) then I will begin Gonal-f on Friday and hold on for the unknown.

In a weird way I am looking forward to the unknown.  Maybe then I will not analyze every little thing.  

I hope.

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