Friday, July 26, 2013

Today is the Day to Worry about my Cysts

As much as I've tried to remain optimistic that these cysts will resolve themselves before my ultrasound around August 4 I cannot seem to shake the worry that they will require more time to go away, a medication to help or even worse,another surgery.  

I have had 'twinges' all moth long here and there on both sides.  Yesterday I had quite a few twinges on the right side which has made me worry that the cyst is growing and not reducing.

Of course if this were any other cycle I would take these twinges as an optimistic sign of pregnancy but not this time.  This time I am worried.

I am thankful that today is Friday and that I can busy myself all weekend with things that keep my mind off of my cysts, the two-week-wait and my husbands upcoming SA.

Monday I will be 12 DPO and I plan on holding off testing until then.  Fingers crossed I have the will power.

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