Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm optimistic. I'm 5 DPO.

After having a pity party for a few days (or more) I got over myself and my fatalistic thoughts and just moved on.

I scheduled my husbands' next SA and just tried to push my negative thoughts from my mind.

I didn't use OPKs like an addict this month.  I did continue to chart my BBT, however.  I wanted to see if my cysts would inhibit ovulation this month.  They did not.  

We tried once this month. Just like all of the other three times we actually got pregnant.  

The first two times we got pregnant it was without testing and charting and all of that.  You know, fun and spontaneous.  Well, that's what we did this month too.  We had fun.  It wasn't stressful.  I only did an OPK after because I felt ovulation approaching.  It was positive.  And for me, positive usually means that it is ovulation day.  No advanced warning with OPKs here.

I think that the carefree attitude I had going into ovulation is helping me keep it together in the two week wait (for now at least).  Admittedly I did wonder, and google, if having these cysts will inhibit implantation but didn't come up with much.  Which is good.  I didn't fall into the wormhole of google searches that lead to doubt and worry.  

I think what is also helping me keep it together is that I am taking progesterone supplements.  In my mind taking those will help counteract any potential problems the cysts may cause during implantation.  Whether this is true or not is of no concern to me.  It is making me feel confident and that is a good thing.

Now back to these cysts.  I have been feeling twinges on both sides intermittently both before and after ovulation, but more so before.  The same sort of twinges I had while in Clomid.  I am hopeful that the twinges are a good thing and that they are resolving themselves and NOT getting bigger.  Bigger is no bueno.

Bigger cysts are not welcome. A positive pregnancy test however is warming welcome.

Rainbow:  I am keeping it together quite nicely right now.  I just want to make it through the week.  Bring on Friday!

Rainshower: These cysts do occasionally have me a little worried.  But thankfully it is only occasionally.  

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