Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest's New Secret Boards are allowing me to Baby Obsess (not good)

Oy vey! I'm in trouble.

I'm stuck on Pinterest pinning all-things-baby to my secret 'future baby' board.

You see, before Pinterest had these secret boards I pinned baby stuff, among other things, to my 'Someday' board so that my followers didn't know that I'm as baby obsessed as I really am. Now that no one can see my obsession I'm even more obsessed.

Actually I think people may be getting an inclining that I'm baby obsessed because I've had a few family members that follow me ask my mom if I'm pregnant. Whoops. I was trying to pace myself and pin baby stuff between pics of tropical vacations and Great Danes. I guess I wasn't doing a very good job of that... Or perhaps no one was paying attention to the fact that it was my 'someday' board.

This obsessive secret pinning is going to to even MORE trouble when we are TTC and I'm in my TWW. Yikes.

Oh the things to look forward to!

Rainbow: I can now pin all of the things that I have so far avoided out of fear of being found out.

Rainshower: One of my tools to combat the dreaded two week wait has been taken away. I used to use Pinterest as an a distraction and now they have enabled me to further obsess.

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