Thursday, January 30, 2014

An interesting couple of months.

I was upset to find out that our December cycle was cancelled but didn't dwell on it too much.  The holiday season distracted me accordingly just as it would have if I had a two week wait.

Surprisingly, my December ovulation was delayed by more than a couple days due to a bad cold.  This is a surprise because on the 2.5 years of BBT charting I have never, and I mean NEVER, had a delayed ovulation due to illness.  This was unfortunate considering our timing, my sickness and the late realization of the delayed ovulation.  We miss the window. 

That was unfortunate but at least the delayed ovulation situation kept things interesting.

Interestingly, it happened again this month!  Just as I was getting over the cold from last month I caught another one.  This one was much milder so I didn't expect it to delay ovulation but IT DID.  This was a very welcome realization because it meant that we could try this month when we though we otherwise would miss the opportunity due to my husbands work travel plans.  What a nice surprise.

So I am in my TWW.  I am 9 DPO.  I am doing pretty well.  I am not too obsessed.  I will be testing on 11 DPO, so on Saturday.  Lately my LP phase has been 10-12 days-shorter than I'd like. 

I am not too hopeful, honestly.  We have been at this for so long without a positive test that I have my expectations set on IVF.  But that is another post.

And so I wait.  

Rainshower:  having delayed ovulation brought on by back to back colds is not pleasant.

Rainbow:  The delayed ovulation allowed is to try this month when we otherwise expected to miss the window.

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