Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A long overdue update (28 weeks pregnant)

Sometimes I still cannot believe it - we are pregnant, very pregnant now.  Without this bump of mine I might not believe it.  I have had the easiest pregnancy in regards to side effects.  I could easily see myself becoming a little baby making machine if other factors wouldn't making getting and staying pregnant a challenge.  Heck, I might even have offered to be a surrogate for someone - I honestly feel that great.

All of this can change of course.  I'm still only 28 weeks and have quite a way to go before baby girl arrives. But, wow, am I thankful.

I just had my out of state baby shower this past weekend and another ultrasound today so it has been an excited my, yet emotional time.  My shower brough unexpected emotions and many tears. As I was in the middle of opening gifts it finally occurred to me that this was MY shower, I wasn't attending as a guest.  It became quite overwhelming to me and then I began opening handmade items that really just made me melt.  I am beyond grateful to be having this little girl and for all of the love and well wishes that have followed us in our pregnancy.  It truly feels like a village of supporters have willed this pregnancy to progress.

In the time I have been away from this blog I have ramped up my 'nesting' and prepping for baby.  I am doing my best to get the physical portion of my to do list completed before the third trimester starts and my energy level drops.  I'm a nursery-completing, basement-cleaning machine these days.  

Check out this baby foot from today.  That is one BIG, big toe... She has her fathers feet.


  1. I had been hoping for just this sort of update, and checked back periodically. I found your blog from BabyCenter. I am also expecting a rainbow baby girl, and am almost 24 weeks. It all just seems so hard to believe. I will have my first shower in a little over a week, and am wondering how the emotions will hit me. Thanks for the update, congratulations, and best wishes for a continued healthy, uneventful pregnancy!


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