Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm still here. I'm still not pregnant.

It's been an interesting couple of months.

I have a new Reproductive Endocrinologist.  I still have my tubes.  I just finished my first Follistim cycle with an IUI.  A BFN was expected.  A BFN is what we got.

I am on CD3.  I had an ultrasound and bloodwork this morning.  I am awaiting the results but I do know that I have a cyst.  Not sure the size or how this impacts the intention to cycle again this month with Follistim... 

Cysts. The story of 2013.  One step forward, two steps back.

It is depressing to think about the lack of progress that has occurred since my 3rd miscarriage.  (Meaning I haven't been pregnant since July 2012).

Technically I have secondary infertility now.  We are two follistim cycles away from IVF.  Which could be delayed by this stupid cyst and will be delayed by my husband travel plans for work in January.

Delay after delay.  A 2014 baby is looking to be a long shot at this point.

I am bah-humbug during December.  Oh, and I'm approaching another birthday.  

Good times all around.

Rainbow: I have my tubes.  I haven't had another miscarriage.

Rainshower: Another birthday without a baby.  I have friends that have had three children in the span of my TTC marathon.  It is hard to see these children growing up knowing their ages match up to all of my losses.  Recurrent Pregancy Loss just stinks.  Add Secondary Infertility on top of RPL and it blows!

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